19.4 Patch Notes and Maintenance 29 October
2019-10-23 12:05:35


Hello Commanders,

We are ready to roll out the next update! We will be patching the first set of worlds on October 29. The rest of the worlds follow the week after and will be patched from 5th – 6th November 2019.

We will start to bring down the affected worlds around 06:00 UTC and apply the update, then we will bring them back online. The entire process will continue until all selected worlds are patched, around 14:00 UTC.

The game worlds will be inaccessible during that time and the progression of the game world will be halted; we are sorry for the inconvenience. Average time for a world to return online will be around 1 hour if no problem arises.

Below are a list of changes, we hope they further improve the game for everyone.

We hope to see you on the battlefield!



  • Relocation window has now more information about cooldown tiers.
  • Options where added that allow players to hide Forgotten Attacks warnings from the events column on the left side of the screen.
  • A warning has been added if players are trying to claim another satellite wreck while still owning a code.
  • Players are now able to add mail recipients from the Player Info window and from Chat context menu.
  • While the window for composing new messages is open, this will add their names to the list of recipients, otherwise it will open the window and insert the recipient’s name for a new message.
  • Fortress medal description has been reworded.
  • The game now automatically detects browser language settings and will default to MM.DD.YYY for users using the English (United States) settings.
  • It is now possible to mute other players completely through the report function, including mails.
  • An Ignore button has been added to the player info window.
  • The last used chat channel will now be selected by default if the gameplay session is resumed.
  • Tunnel Level activation level was added to the Tunnel Exit info tooltip.
  • The sorting of the base list in Resource Transfer and Player info can now be reset to Default (Order of Creation) via a new Reset Sorting button.
  • Players who have injected a virus in the Fortress endgame will now be targeted by Fortress, regardless of which alliance they have after the destruction of the Fortress.
  • Sector Relocate has now a minimum distance to the point of origin.



  • Ghosted Bases now have their base label always on top over base labels on the same coordinate.
  • Shortlist icon for NOD bases attacking a target got its color corrected to match the rest of the icons.
  • Super- and Subscript exploits for text in the game have been restricted.
  • Markers placed adjacent to Hubs, in the blocked radius, will not produce a selector menu anymore
  • The context menu for the chat should now be working again on Firefox browsers
  • The display of the attack costs should now always produce the correct value of available CP
  • The description for the victory medal has been updated to be more inclusive
  • Tooltips for defense units now should only list their proper dependencies
  • Formatting in in-game mails has been updated to highlight contents that are being forwarded
  • Layout Reservation Markers should now be properly removed from other players display if the creator leaves their alliance.


19.4 Rollout 29 October 2019

  • World 2
  • Welt 2
  • World 11 (Europe)
  • World 14 (Europe)
  • World 30 (Europe)
  • World 1 Polish
  • Welt 5
  • World 2 Brazilian
  • World 26 (USA East Coast)
  • Welt 8
  • World 33 (Europe)
  • World 34 (Europe)
  • World 3 Polish
  • World 4 Polish
  • World 50 (Europe)
  • World 8 Spanish
  • World 56 (Europe)
  • World 3 Dutch
  • World 61 (USA East Coast)
  • World 62 (Europe)
  • World 9 French
  • World 7 Brazilian
  • World 68 (USA West Coast)
  • World 71 (USA East Coast)
  • World 15 Russian
  • World 4 Turkish
  • World 8 Brazilian
  • World 13 Spanish
  • World 3 Italian
  • World 16 Russian
  • World 14 Spanish
  • World 9 Brazilian
  • World 17 Russian
  • World 9 Polish
  • World 5 Turkish
  • Welt 33
  • World 13 French
  • World 10 Brazilian
  • World 89 (Europe)
  • World 10 Polish
  • World 19 Russian
  • World 93 (Europe)
  • World 11 Brazilian
  • World 14 French
  • World 94 (USA West Coast)
  • World 5 Portuguese
  • World 15 French
  • World 2 Swedish
  • World 21 Russian
  • World 107 Classic (USA East Coast)
  • World 2 Danish
  • World Championship 2015
  • Tiberian 6 (Europe)
  • Firestorm 4 (Asia Pacific)
  • Wrath 9 (Americas)
  • Wrath 13 (Americas)
  • Tiberian 22 (Europe)
  • Tiberian 24
  • Tiberian 25
  • World Championship 2017
  • Veteran World 3
  • Wrath 17
  • Tiberian 29
  • Firestorm 8
  • Tiberian 33
  • Tiberian 35
  • Tiberian 36
  • Tiberian 39
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