[HOT] Command & Conquer – The Movie confirmed
2018-04-01 10:00:01


Hello Commanders!

Yes, the rumors you’ve heard are true! Command & Conquer is finally going to get the movie adaptation it deserves! The first movie of the series will bear the title Renegade and I am ecstatic to finally be able to share this news with our community!

But that’s not just all I can share here, no, we also got some exciting details to reveal! Cast as the main star of the movie was Channing Tatum, as Major Nick ‘Havoc’ Parker. Grace Park will return to the Command & Conquer franchise, this time to portrait the character of Sakura.

Joseph Kucan was temporarily unavailable on whether he will be reprising his role as Kain for the movie, yet! However, the production studio is confident they can create a suitable CGI double should he decline. More actor reveals will happen in the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Speaking of production, the movie is written and directed by no one less than the famous and seasoned director and auteur extraordinaire Uwe Boll! Returning to his one true passion, movie adaptations of video games, he is thrilled to take on the Command & Conquer franchise and says he has the one or the other surprise in storage for even the most seasoned Command & Conquer fan. Frank Klepacki will also return and score the movie, together with the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra.

C&C Renegade: The Movie will be the first entry in the new and upcoming Electronic Arts Cinematic Universe. The EACU is set to become a major pillar for EA’s business endeavors and its franchises –  and will soon feature more exciting silver screen offshoots such as Titanfall, Mirrors Edge, FIFA Manager and Peggle – all sharing an expanded universe.

The movie will air in movie theatres around the globe starting on April 1st, 2035.


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