6 years C&C Tiberium Alliances!
2017-12-15 15:17:04


It was 6 years ago today, that C&C Tiberium Alliances Closed Beta was released into your hands!

During these 6 years we have gone through a great number of tiny, as well as several substantial changes together. We have welcomed millions of players to the game, have seen you unite to great alliances and bring down the fortress again and again. We have introduced new game modes, like the veteran servers and the Firestorm worlds, and we  even had world championships to determine the most powerful alliances.

It is simply overwhelming for us, that, even after such a long time, this game still is as popular as on its first day! We are extremely thankful to every single one of our players, for those who simple play this game every once in a while, just as much as for those who put a lot of their time into this, who lead alliances and guide them to victory over the fortress, or who assist the players in any other way. We are also utterly proud and happy to have so many active players, who participate in discussions in the forum to give us feedback and help us improve, so we could develop and reach the state where we are today. Without you it clearly wouldn’t have been possible for us to keep this game up and running for 6 full years!

To celebrate this important event, we started a fund sale that will last until 18.12.2017, with a whopping 25% bonus funds on every purchase, so be quick and seize the opportunity to get even more supplies for your investments!

And don’t miss the infected event as well, as it has already begun!

Detailed information concerning this event are displayed in-game below the top bar.

We hope you’ll have fun with these events and we are looking forward to many more years with you and this awesome community!


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Что такое Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances?

Задающая стандарты жанра серия RTS-игр Command & Conquer обрела форму идеальной MMO-стратегии. Ваша империя будет всегда с вами — на компьютере или мобильном устройстве!

Эпическая битва между доблестным Глобальным советом безопасности и загадочным Братством Нод в самом разгаре. На чьей вы стороне?

Развивайте свою базу с помощью 14 зданий. Создавайте армию на основе 20 уникальных подразделений, а также изучайте новые тактики и вооружения, чтобы сделать свои войска несокрушимыми.

Объединяйте силы с друзьями и выстраивайте стратегические альянсы в игре. Устройте на поле боя бурю и громите врагов в режимах PvP и PvE.

Правьте империей, где бы вы ни были. Перенесите свою учетную запись с компьютера на iPhone или iPad. Этой битве нет конца!

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