Veteran Server - Season Four Starting Ocotber 6
2017-09-27 13:23:27


Since Season 3 has already come to an end a while ago, we are happy to announce that Veteran Season 4 is soon to launch!

We will start with repeating the general rules and special adaptations on Veteran servers, to refresh the knowledge of oldtimers and give interested new players a quick recap. Below that, you can find the newest changes coming in Veteran Season 4.

- A season lasts 3 months.
- Player and alliance with the most accumulated Veteran Points wins.
- Start at level 45 with all units researched, but no upgrades.
- No Forgotten Fortress.
- No Satellites and Satellite codes.
- Massively reduced move and relocate cooldowns.
- No POI bonus multipliers.
- Only 24 hours of Shield Protection upon entering the world.

As in the last three seasons, Veteran Points are the main objective of the Veteran Server. Your goal is to collect as many Veteran Points with your alliance and score the highest ranking. As an alliance, you will need to claim the most Veteran Points over the course of a season to win the season and become the most valuable alliance.
Similar to the challenges, each player can also individually strive to become most valuable player and claim the top player rankings for collecting the most Veteran Points per season.

Veteran Points can be obtained in various ways:
- Controlling Shield hubs
- Destroying Player Base / PvP Kill
- Destroying Guardian Bases

How to join the Veteran Server?
Like any other server, you will find the Veteran World listed in the world browser / server selection. We decided to host the server in EU timezone, as the majority of players is based closest to this timezone.

As we want to guarantee this is indeed a Veteran Server, we expect only experienced players to join the server. To be sure of that, we added a server join requirement.

- To join and play the Veteran Server, you must at least have once reached player rank 11.
- With that as a base, we know every player joining the server has a good grasp of the game and understanding of the research and the mechanics.

Veteran Season 4

Now some more information about the next Season. We decided to apply a few new changes to shift the game’s flow into a faster early game and afterwards strongly contested mid- and endgame.

- Shield hubs will become active / inactive more quickly
- Shield hubs will show the time when a hub becomes active / inactive to allow more strategic gameplay
- Game code has been adjusted to stop so-called “base locking”

Season 4 starts on a new server. Legacy points and player data will be loaded into the new server and Season. Existing alliances however will again not be transferred.

In case of name stealing and trolling, we will personally help you out to in obtaining your names again. That being said, this is a call out to potential trolls, if you intend to steal the name of your opponents alliance for fun, trolling or whatever, you may risk your game account and a permanent game ban.

>>> Season 4 will launch on October 6, at 2pm UTC. <<<

See you in the Veteran World, Commander & good luck to all the Alliances out there!

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