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Firestorm 14 will start on June 12
New Tiberian 45 World starting May 8th!
20.1 maintenance & patch notes Mar 24th & Apr 1st
New Tiberian 44 World starting April 1st!
20.1 maintenance & patch notes Mar 24th & 25th
New Wrath 25 World starting March 20!
20.1 maintenance & patch notes Mar 18
Firestorm 13
New Tiberian 43 World starting January 31st!
19.5 maintenance & patch notes Dec 17th & 18th
19.5 maintenance & patch notes December 11th
New Tiberian 42 World starting November 29th!
Start of Veteran Server season 7 on November 22!
19.4 Patch Notes and Maintenance 5. & 6. November
19.4 Patch Notes and Maintenance 29 October
New Tiberian 41 World starting September 27th!
Maintenance 03 September
[UPDATED] Patch 19.3 Maintenance 22 & 27 August
New Wrath World starting August 30!
"Schaffa" New World Champion!
19.3 Patch Notes and Maintenance August 14
Hotfix 19.2.1 maintenance June 26
New Tiberian 40 World starting June 28th!
Firestorm 12 - Drain The Swamp
Patch 19.2 Maintenance May 14th – 15th
Patch Notes 19.2 & Maintenance 07th May
New Tiberian 39 World starting April 18th!
[UPDATE] Website maintenance April 17th
Tiberian 38 Patch 19.1.1 maintenance on 20th March
Tiberium Alliances World Championship 2019 starts March 29th!
New Tiberium World starting February 15th!
World Browser temporarily disabled on Monday February 11
Winter Challenge 2019
Patch 19.1 notes and schedule
Server Maintenance 22nd January
Happy New Year Tiberium Alliance!
Mission briefing for the operation Firestorm 11
Game Maintenance November 20th and 21st
Game Service Interruption
New Tiberium World starting November 8th!
Loading Screen Hotfix Patch November 6th & 7th
Patch 18.3 Maintenance October 23rd & 24th
Patch 18.3 Maintenance October 18th
Mission briefing for the operation Firestorm 10
New Wrath World starting August 10!
Game-wide Maintenance 2nd August 2018
New Tiberium World starting July 25th!
Start of Veteran Server season 6 on June 29!
Server Move 11th – 30th June 2018
New Tiberium World starting June 1st!
Maintenance on selected worlds May 23
[Update] Maintenance for all worlds on May 7 and 8
Increasing outpost spawn rates on selected worlds
New Wrath World starting April 20!
New Tiberian World starting April 13!
[HOT] Command & Conquer – The Movie confirmed
Server Maintenance on Thursday March 28
Server Maintenance on Thursday March 22
Server Maintenance on Thursday March 8
Server Maintenance on Wednesday March 7
Mission briefing for the operation Firestorm 9
Patch 18.1 Notes
Server Maintenance on Tuesday February 28 [UPDATE]
New Tiberian World starting February 23!
Server Maintenance on Tuesday & Wednesday, February 6 & 7
Server Maintenance on Tuesday January 30
New Challenge: Stormy January
New Tiberian World starting January 19!
New Wrath World starting January 24!
Start of Veteran Server season 5 on January 26!
Server Maintenance On Wednesday January 17
6 years C&C Tiberium Alliances!
New Tiberian World starting December 15!
17.6 Maintenance & Update Next Week (December 6 & 7)
Maintenance work on one database server November 30 [UPDATE]
DB Server Maintenance on November 27
Firestorm 8 - here are the details
17.6 Maintenance on Initial Worlds November 23
Server Maintenance From Friday November 10 Until Monday November 20
Teaser: We're bringing the "Firestorm" worlds back!
New Wrath World starting November 7!
New Tiberian World starting November 8!
Server Maintenance on Thursday October 19
New Wrath Forgotten Attacks & Morale World starting October 13!
Veteran Server - Season Four Starting Ocotber 6
17.5 Maintenance & Update Next Week
"Mara Schaffa" New World Champion!
New Tiberian Forgotten Attacks starting September 8!
17.5 Maintenance on Initial Worlds September 5
New Classic World "Wrath 18" Launching Friday August 18th
Server Maintenance August 3rd
New Tiberian Forgotten Attacks & Morale World starting August 4!
New Tiberian Forgotten Attacks & Morale World starting June 28!
Forgotten Attacks & Morale World starting June 14!
Veteran Server - Season Three Starting June 8
Server Maintenance June 1
17.4 Maintenance & Update During The Next 2 Weeks
Tiberian 26 - The Classic World Experience
New Community Forum starting May 15
17.3 Maintenance & Update Thursday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Tiberian 25 starting April 21!
Tiberium Alliances World Championship 2017 starts April 27
St. Patricks Day Sale Now Available!
New Tiberian 24 starting today, March 13
Forgotten Attacks & Morale World starting Feb. 24!
New Tiberian 23 coming Friday the 10th
New Classic World Launching Saturday 14th of January
Server Maintenance January 11
New Tiberian 22 coming Friday the 13th
New World Wrath 13 Starting Friday This Week!
New Tiberian 21 World incoming!
Veteran Server - Season Two Starting December 16
New Wrath 12 World incoming!
New Tiberian 20 World incoming!
New Tiberian and Classic World incoming!
24 Hours Bonus TA-Fund Sale on Friday!
Second SpeedWorld will release on October 22
Wrath 10 starting October 13
Tiberian 18 starting October 13
Small Gameupdate on September 21
Tiberian 17 starting today September 19
Wrath 9 - The Small World Experience
Server Maintenances 6 & 7 of September
Tiberian 16 starting September 5
Veteran Server - Season One Starting September 1
16.4 Maintenance & Update Friday, Monday & Tuesday
Wrath 8 - The Small Classic World Experience
Database Maintenance on Wednesday August 10
Tiberian 15 starting on Wednesday August 3
PvP Recovery Time Changes
Firestorm 7 starting on June 23
Tiberian 14 starting on June 4
New Tiberian World Monday May 16
24h 30% Bonus TA-Fund Sale is live!
New SpeedWorld will debut May 4
New Tiberian World Monday April 25
Game Host Maintenance on Tuesday & Wednesday
16.2 Maintenance & Update Tuesday & Wednesday
New Tiberian World Monday March 21
Extended Maintenance over the Weekend
Database Maintenance on Wednesday
New Tiberian World February 12
New FA and Classic World on February 15
New Tiberian World January 23
16.1 Maintenance & Update Monday - Wednesday
16.1 Maintenance & Update on Initial Worlds
A Merry Nuclear Christmas (surprise inside)!
New Tiberian World December 26
Problems with Internet Explorer and Edge
15.4 Updates & Maintenance December 10
New FA and Classic World on December 15
New Update Release Notes Now Available
BLACK FRIDAY 30% Bonus TA-Fund Sale!
Tiberian 8 goes live this Friday, November 27!
Hotfix to all Worlds on Tuesday, November 17
15.3 World Updates & Maintenance - Monday & Tuesday
15.3 World Updates & Maintenance
Tiberian 7 goes live this Friday, November 6!
Wrath & Firestorm 4 will start November 9!
15.3 is starting October 29!
Tiberian 6 will go live on October 5!
Tiberian 5 World Now Up & Running
Tiberium Alliances World Championship 2015/16 starts September 15
New Classic & Forgotten Attack World - launching September 3
20 Years of Command and Conquer - Let's Celebrate!
15.3 World Updates & Maintenance
15.2 World Updates & Maintenance - September 2
Tiberian 4 opens on August 4 featuring the 15.2 update
World Updates & Maintenance - Tuesday June 30
New Regional Worlds and the Starting Layout Vote returns!
World Updates & Maintenance - June 10 & 11
World Updates & Maintenance - Tuesday June 9
World Updates & Maintenance - Friday June 5
World Updates & Maintenance - Wednesday June 3
New Classic Regional World - Tiberian 2 - launching June 2
Iron Curtain - May 13th
New Regional Worlds Now Available!
Nuclear Friday - May 1st
Nuclear Friday - April 24th
Iron Curtain - April 22nd
Nuclear Friday - April 17th
Iron Curtain - April 9th
Iron Curtain - April 2nd
Iron Curtain - March 26th
New Classic West Coast World without Forgotten Attacks!
Nuclear Friday - March 20th
Iron Curtain - March 18th
Iron Curtain - March 11th
Nuclear Friday - March 6th
Iron Curtain - March 4th
24h 30% Bonus TA-Fund Sale is live!
Unable to purchase TA-funds?
Multiple New Worlds in March!
Iron Curtain - February 25th
Nuclear Friday - February 20th
Iron Curtain - February 18th
Stuck base fix on some worlds, Feb 18th
Tiberium Alliances Classic is back!
Iron Curtain - February 11th
Nuclear Friday - February 6th
Iron Curtain - February 4th
World 106 (Europe) coming on Feb 11th
Nuclear Friday - January 30th
*Update: Worlds live* Maintenance Jan 30th
Week #10 W100 end-game report by Freezy
Iron Curtain - January 28th
Week #9 W100 report by Freezy
24h 30% Bonus TA-Fund Sale is live!
Stuck base and crate fixes on multiple Worlds, Jan 26th
New C&C franchise forums!
Nuclear Friday - January 23rd
Iron Curtain - January 21st
Nuclear Monday - January 19th
New French World on Jan 29th
Iron Curtain - January 15th
Stuck Base fix on multiple Worlds, Jan 13th
Crate generation fix on multiple Worlds, Jan 13th
Nuclear Monday - January 12th
Gamereplays: Alliance Name Contest!
Nuclear Monday - January 5th
Iron Curtain - December 31st
Nuclear Monday - December 29th
Happy Holidays!!
Spot the Troop - December 22nd
Spot the Troop - December 21th
Spot the Troop - December 20th
Spot the Troop - December 19th
Spot the Troop - December 18th
Iron Curtain - December 18th
New Worlds in December!
Spot the Troop - December 16th
Spot the Troop - December 15th
Spot the Troop - December 14th
Spot the Troop - December 13th
Spot the Troop - December 12th
Spot the Troop - December 11th
Current DNS issues December 11th
Iron Curtain - December 10th
Spot the Troop - December 9th
Nuclear Monday - December 8th
Spot the Troop - December 8th
Maintenance on multiple Worlds December 8th
Spot the Troop - December 7th
Spot the Troop - December 6th
Spot the Troop - December 5th
Spot the Troop - December 4th
Spot the Troop - December 2nd
Secret Santa
Spot the Troop - December 1st
BLACK FRIDAY 30% Bonus TA-Fund Sale!
Fixed Payment issues
Iron Curtain - November 19th
*Complete* Maintenance on all Worlds Nov 26th
November 13-17 outage compensation FAQ
Nuclear Monday - November 24th
Gamereplays: Best Base Layout Contest!
Week #8 W100 report by Freezy
Iron Curtain - November 19th
November 13-17 outage FAQ
Nuclear Monday - November 17th
*Update 09.22 UTC* All Worlds are back online
Clarification in regards to 3rd party scripts and tools
*Updated* Update to all Worlds in November
Iron Curtain - November 12th
Nuclear Monday - November 10th
Multiple New Worlds in November!
Gamereplays: Share your power and win free TA-Funds!
Exploits and cheats in Tiberium Alliances
Iron Curtain - November 6th
30% Halloween Bonus Fund Sale!
World 103 (Europe) coming October 30th
Iron Curtain - October 29th
Week #7 W100 reports and interviews by Freezy
Nuclear Monday - October 27th
*completed* Patch & maintenance to all Worlds on Oct 27th
Gamereplays: Show us your shields and win free TA-Funds!
Iron Curtain - October 22nd
New W100 reports and interviews by Freezy
Gamereplays: "Caption This" and win free TA-Funds
Patch update on October 21st and 23rd
Iron Curtain - October 15th
Fresh W100 reports and interviews by Freezy
Nuclear Monday - October 13th
Welt 37 (German) coming October 20th
Iron Curtain - October 8th
Nuclear Monday - October 6th
W100 weekly reporting by Freezy
Iron Curtain - October 2nd
Nuclear Monday - September 29th
Third World Champion!
World 102 (US West Coast) on September 23rd!
Nuclear Monday - September 22nd
Calling all Alliance Leaders!
Iron Curtain - September 17th
Patch update to all Worlds on September 11th & 16th
World 101 (Europe) and Världen 2 (Swedish) coming soon!
Share your best C&C time ever and win free TA-Funds!
Tip of the Week - September 12th
Iron Curtain - September 10th
Patch update to selected Worlds on September 9th
24h 30% Bonus TA-Funds Sale!
Tip of the Week - September 5th
Hotfix Maintenance - World 100 *Complete*
W100 follow up and FAQ
Iron Curtain - September 3rd
This is W100!
Ask the Devs #2 with Gamereplays
Nuclear Monday - September 2nd
Happy 19th Anniversary CnC Community!
Tip of the Week - August 29th
Presenting the First-Base Layout of W100
Iron Curtain - August 27th
Release Notes for W100!
Nuclear Monday - August 25th
Tip of the Week - August 22nd
Vote on your W100 starting base!
Iron Curtain - August 20th
Nuclear Monday - August 18th
Tip of the Week - August 15th
You can pick the first base layout of W100!
Are you ready for W100?
Iron Curtain - August 13th
Gamereplays: Whats your favorite structure?
Nuclear Monday - August 5th
24h 30% Bonus TA-Funds Sale!
Check out this weeks contests!
French Monde 15 is coming Aug 4th!
Win some TA-Funds with our weekly community contests!
Top Player Profile with Gamereplays
Tip of the week - July 18th
Maintenance and Patch update to all Worlds on July 22nd
World 99 and Mundo 18 coming soon!
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
Nuclear Monday - July 14th
Tip of the Week - July 11th
New forum contest, Iron Curtain - July 11th
Ask the Devs #1 with Gamereplays
Vaultbreaker Wednesday - July 9th
Nuclear Monday - July 7th
New surprising developments on the WCS!
World 98 and Świat 11 coming soon!
Vaultbreaker - July 2nd
Nuclear Monday - June 30th
Tip of the Week - June 27th
Patch update to all Worlds this week
Share your Power Production and win some TA-Funds!
*Update* New Localized Worlds coming in June
Patch update to fix stability on selected Worlds
*Updated* Update to Localized Worlds & Maintenance on all Worlds
30% Bonus TA-Fund Sale!
Maintenance and restart of World 6 and 7 (Resolved)
Maintenance on selected Worlds *resolved*
Maintenance and Game Update on all English Worlds
Nuclear Monday - June 9th
Maintenance and Game Update on Selected Worlds - June 5th
Vaultbreaker - June 4th
Win some funds with Gamereplays!
Patch notes - June 2014
New European World coming soon - June 3rd
Vaultbreaker Wednesday 05/28/2014
Second World Champion!
Get your tips & hints in the game!
Nuclear Monday - May 26th
GameReplays Ask the Developer Anniversary event.
2nd Anniversary events with FREE TA-FUNDS!
Happy 2nd Anniversary, free gift inside!
Maintenance on select worlds - Thursday 22nd May
Skrill (Moneybookers) removed as a payment option
World Championship Server Update #6
Vaultbreaker Wednesday - May 14th
Nuclear Monday - May 12th
Technical difficulties & Worlds down *resolved*
Vaultbreaker - May 7th
Post your defense & win TA-Funds from
2014/05/07 - Emergency Maintenance on the Forgotten Attacks Beta World
New worlds this week!
Removal of SponsorPay
Forgotten Attacks Tuning and Fixes - Stage 2
2014/04/23 - Forgotten Attacks Tuning and Fixes - Stage 1
Grab 30% Bonus TA Funds on your next top-up!
Nuclear Monday - April 14th
April 14th TA Funds Sale DELAYED!
New World Champion!
The Tiberium Alliances World Championship approaches!
Happy Holidays – Month of Activities!
Black Friday Bonus Funds sale gives up to 30% for 24 hours!
New Czech and Turkish worlds - Coming Monday 21st October
*Updated* EA Wide server Maintenance Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th September
Poznámky k aktualizaci – květen a červen
Výprodej TA Funds!
Soutìžní server a videosoutìž!
Poznámky k aktualizaci – duben 2013
Výprodej TA Funds!
Bonusové Funds na Play4Free
Hra C&C: Tiberium Alliances představuje TA Funds
Vrchní velení zveřejnilo nové ceny surovin a jejich zvýšený přísun!
Nové prvky – Aktualizace hry 26.03.2013
Nový svět na obzoru!
Speciální odměny pro aliance, jež zvítězily v závěrečné fázi hry
Aktualizace se závěrečnou fází hry vstupuje do 3. části ze 3
Výprodej Funds!
Výprodej Fund: pouze dnes!
Výprodej Funds – časově omezená akce!
Vítejte u první globální komunitní výzvy!
Výprodej Funds – pouze dnes!
Nové prvky – Aktualizace hry 13.12.2012
Bonusové Funds na Play4Free!
Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances přichází s novými jazyky a světy!
Údržba serveru – aktualizace hry
Second World Champion!
Uplatnit kód
(např. ABCD-1234-EFGH-5678)
Co je hra Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances?

Série Command & Conquer, která svého času pomáhala utvářet žánr RTS, nyní přichází se zbrusu novou, nepřekonatelnou strategickou MMO hrou. Mějte svou říši neustále po ruce, ať už na počítači, či na mobilním zařízení!

Epická bitva mezi Globální defenzivní iniciativou a tajemným Bratrstvem Nodu zuří s neztenčenou silou… Na kterou stranu se přidáte vy?

Postavte si základnu ze 14 různých budov. Vytvořte mohutnou armádu z 20 typů jednotek a vyzkoumejte nové taktiky a zbraně, díky nimž budou vaše vojska nezastavitelná.

Spojte síly se svými přáteli a vytvářejte ve hře strategické aliance. Vrhněte se do boje proti počítačem řízeným protivníkům i ostatním živým hráčům a v reálném čase srovnejte nepřátelské základny se zemí.

Vládněte své říši odkudkoliv. Vydávejte rozkazy z počítače, iPhonu či iPadu. Tato bitva nikdy nekončí!

Ponořte se do neustálé akce v Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances – zcela ZDARMA!